The concept ?

Drinking your coffee while getting relaxed by a wonderful hostess is not a dream !

The most expensive coffee in Europe

- Fellatio Cafe -

More informations

Order your fellatio cafe on Ipad

Choose your coffee and your hostess from a selection of the tastiest.

Soon in Paddington (UK)

Since our main partner is based in UK, we will try to launch our first Fellatio Cafe in Paddington !

And for women ?

Do not worry ladies, we also believe in your enjoyment. We are considering to propose a service for female customers.

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That's certainly one way to start off the morning: The cafe in Geneva which could provide the best blowjob coffee has been made by Club Délicious.

The story is simple: Switzerland will serve coffee with a side of oral sex, easy. Come and get a good pleasure with an escort girl in Geneva or a prostitute in Lausanne.

As many brothels in Switzerland providing sex all year long, this new business model would see men ordering a coffee and using an iPad to select a prostitute. They would then sit at the bar and they will get a lovely coffee-blowjob for 100 francs.

The concept of the coffee pipe has directly appealed to the naughtiest Swiss men. In a very puritanical city, where discretion is the basis of daily infidelity, the café pipe was bound to make a lot of noise.

Discover without further ado this erotic practice which will allow you to start your day with a caffeine-driven enjoyment. We guarantee you, it's much better than the Juvamine food supplement!

The concept of the coffee-pipe has since been taken up all over the world as in Thailand, in France in some swingers clubs or in England, this story which was at the base a concept has become an accessible visionary projection, the dream of the man to go to work while being light, to be able to concentrate on his working day had become reality thanks to an audacious Swiss man who dares to defy the world the codes of a civilization more and more sclerotic.

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